Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The wasp trap that changed the world.....LOL

So, I come back to my long-neglected blog, and find that one of my posts has over 13,000 views! I had no idea that my simple wasp trap would be such a big hit! I'm glad that it has been so helpful, for so many, all over the world. Thank you for reading my unintelligible chicken scratchings!

A lot has happened, since the last time I wrote here! It has taken over two years, but I'm ready to buckle down with this "blogging" business! I'm confident that my new-found knowledge of British housekeeping is sufficient to provide a constant stream of fresh ideas!

Let me just say this; from a housewife's standpoint, this has been one of the most difficult adjustments I have ever had to make - learning to keep house, in a foreign country! It's been filled with trial and error, label-reading, and visits to the online thesaurus, every so often! I have noticed my old routines and recipes gradually being replaced by the British accomodations. 

It has been a joyful and wondrous journey, learning to use the superb, fresh produce of Wales. We are truly the nation's breadbasket, here; I have never seen such fantastic farmers' markets, in all of my life! Wales is the most bountiful place I have ever known- yet, sadly, most working-class people live on convenience foods. It puzzles me greatly. I hope to change that, by getting people interested in fresh food, and how to cook it easily! Even on a shop worker's budget, it can be done. I promise!

Speaking of which, I have so many good, new recipes to share with you all! I have mastered the art of substitution, so I will be sharing a few revamps of American favourites, with British ingredient subs. This should please all of the other expats, in the audience - and it will make it easy for the European home cooks to try some American recipes, that they might not have been able to figure out, before!

Anyhoo - here I am, I am back! Prepare for TONS of good things to come from this little digital publication!

P.S. See my newest graphic arts blog at Tinsel & Tarnish (it is 18 and over, but only because there may be some art with nudity), and be sure to visit my crafty Facebook page at Ddewines Coch. I've been up to a lot, since we last met! So much, that crafts are the only way I can manage to stay sane! :)

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