Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hmmmmm....where do I start?

Well, folks, this has been a long time coming! The idea to write a modern homemaking/cooking/gardening/self-sufficiency/style/gadgets-to-make-your-life-easier blog has been turning around in my brain, for a long time, now! I'm finally putting the effort behind the daydream!

I'm here to teach YOU how to do things that your grandparents know/knew how to do, but in a modern, no-nonsense manner. There will be some shortcuts, and some use of convenience products, but I promise-- this will be all about the real thing; practical and thorough homemaking, with a modern edge!

My inspiration for this blog has come from the increasing number of modern people, who have no homemaking skills. I've often wondered why domesticity has fallen out of fashion and favour. Could it be because shortcuts and services are so readily available? Or, perhaps because it has become "un-cool" to be a homemaker? What has caused the decline in home-handy skills? What will it take, to make people realise how important these skills are?

One does not have to be female, or subservient, to be a homemaker. I think this is one of the greatest misgivings of the modern age. Controlling all aspects of a household is something that should be exempt from gender stereotypes. I know plenty of gentlemen (single fathers, bachelors, and same-sex couples), who are wonderful homemakers!

I'm going to try and make this blog as helpful as possible, for anyone who's interested in learning the important attributes of being practical, thrifty, and domestic! Happy housekeeping, my friends!

In my next two entries, I will be focusing upon ideas for setting up a kitchen for a new household, and properly! Stay tuned....!

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